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In 1998, Stussy released its collaboration with G-SHOCK, a first for both brands. The latest version of the Stussy x G-SHOCK Classic includes a black resin band with a Stussy “Anniversary Blue” face in a glossy finish. The buckle, buttons, back cover, and metal elements are plated in a blue ion finish. The timepiece comes […]

“CASIO G-SHOCK and Black Scale team-up in a Supply Circuit-curated effort to present a collaboration version of the DW-5600. While much of Black Scale’s aesthetics have largely revolved around dark themes, the watch is seen in white with a purple face. A red background logo is integrated into the display. The watch is available exclusively […]

Ben Baller of I.F. and Co. posted up on his blog this crazy G-Shock. Prolly the most expensive G-Shock I have ever seen. It is a 15 carat diamond beast 6900 G-Shock that is almost 95 grams of 14k yellow gold. Hot Damn! Only 4 of them are being made right now, but of course If […]

 In this episode, Levi takes over Gourmet’s LA office for the day and MJ gets schooled in groceries with Jon. The episode concludes with a batting cage session alongside Lucci and a spa visit with Greg. Check it out! Vimeo HD link click HERE.

                    Alive Tokyo asked San Franciscan designer Benny Gold to create a collabo with them on a watch. The final product, the 3Rensho Project. This watch is absolutely stunning and here are the details from the only website you can purchase it from. “In Japanese, “San […]

In4mation gives us a better look into their latest creation alongside Casio. After the highly successful colorways from last year, the Hawaiian-based brand work up another color scheme with the popular G-Shock GLX-5600 platform. This special “Salmon” joint is slated for a June 2009 release, but stay tuned for further details in the coming months.

G-Shock has done a few more collabos set for release with brands such as DQM, Subcrew, and ALIFE. The DQM watch is very subtle in the very popular white band and face with a few subtle black additions with DQM in the face and the indiglo part. The ALIFE watch is all black with ALIFE […]