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Diamond Supply Co. is releasing the D to the DIAMOND Tees this summer. The Tee shows a graphic of prince with spelling out Diamond. The Blue graphic will be releasing soon and the red one is a sample tee. Keep your eyes peeled for this one!

We last brought you a sneak-peek image of the upcoming Diamond Supply Co, collaborative backpack with DVS. Diamond also revealed an upcoming headphone item with Matix. The details are as unclear as the image, so sit tight for more info.

The Queen is back! Sade part II returns from Diamond Supply co. this time with a shade of her hair and a Diamond on her neck. Be sure to be on the lookout for these to be the next drop soon from Diamond.

Vans has seen what the Tiffany color x Croc skin does to hypebeasts like me, these are going to be one of the pairs I want on the top of my list. These Vans Half Cabs have been outfitted with the croc skin material as well as small acents of Tiffany blue, be sure to […]

Diamond Supply Co. is gonna make me file bankruptcy.