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Even though snowboarding season is over sadly, our Good friend Bobby Hundreds visited the 686 Headquarters the other day. 686 is a revolutionary snowboarding clothing and boot company which makes some of the best outer wear for the winter months. Bobbytook some spy shots of the upcoming collabo of 686 and New Balance Snowboard boots. These […]

Wuddup Everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted all weekend. Was out on a Snowboarding trip for my friends Birthday. Tahoe was amazing, the snow was so fresh and powdery. I said during the trip that the experience was like a “dog taking a bath” because at first the snow was very slushy and watery…then later as the […]

For all you non snowboarders/skiers this ones for you! Johnny Cupcakes is releasing a snow tube for all the sno-park goers…yes a snow tube. Approx 46″ wide and equipped with two large handles to grab when shitting yourself down the slopes. Check for the release date soon!

Sorry I’ve been behind on my blogging the past few days because I was shredding it up in the MELTING SNOW in Tahoe. Its amazing how in January we have 70 degree weather in the Bay Area and 60 Degree weather in Lake Tahoe, there is usually a blizzard this time of year. DAMNGLOBALWARMING. FTL Dayone. […]