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Diamond Supply Co. is releasing the D to the DIAMOND Tees this summer. The Tee shows a graphic of prince with spelling out Diamond. The Blue graphic will be releasing soon and the red one is a sample tee. Keep your eyes peeled for this one!

Diamond Supply Co. shows off some new designs that will be released for their FALL 09. The These three designs as well as another Hundreds Collab, and a TK Fly Society Collab will touchdown in the Fall. Keep your eyes open for these dope tees!

Primitive and Diamond Supply Co. are teaming up to produce the dopest of the dope Classic Diamond Logo tee. The Collabo features a bright neon blue to green gradient on the Classic Diamond Script Tee and the Primitive logo on the back. This shirt is going to be a limited run and only on […]

KRINK, ALIFE, and GIRL have created a new skate deck that doubles as a tanning object. This Reflective chrome deck features KRINK written across the deck in a bright chrome and KRINK’s infamous drips going down the deck. The deck is now available on for only $60 a pop! Get yours, dont sleep.

Heres a sneak peek of the new collaboration between Diamond Supply Co. and The Berrics. The Military themed tee has a Special Forces LA Shield with a M16A1 and Sword crossing. The Tee has no release date, but be on the look out for this dope shirt.

Vans has seen what the Tiffany color x Croc skin does to hypebeasts like me, these are going to be one of the pairs I want on the top of my list. These Vans Half Cabs have been outfitted with the croc skin material as well as small acents of Tiffany blue, be sure to […]