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Cant wait to see this movie…Pixar never disappoints!



First off, I apologize I haven’t been blogging recently. In my absence of blogging there has been a lot of things going on in the Media. From the problems of our Economy to who’s twittering about who. The biggest news that I have been very saddened by lately is how many celebrities have been passing away. […]

I love Disney Pixar movies and I love the import tuner scene, but the to of them mashed together? GLORIOUS! Be sure to watch it in High Quality. [HQ]

                                  Nine for nine. Nine movies, nine hits. Since they created the first entirely computer animated feature film in 1995, Pixar Animation Studios have been on an unparalleled winning streak. In addition to grossing over $2 billion domestically, Pixar […]

Having seen smaller production versions for the past couple of years, Medicom Toy takes it to the next level and delivers an upgraded Runaway Brain Mickey Mouse vinyl, almost double the size of their previous figure making it approx. 12″ in length. Based on the 7-minute animation short by Walt Disney Feature Animation Paris, the […]