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Went to go check out the Pixar 25th Anniversary Exhibit at the Oakland Museum over the weekend and managed to grab some great shot even though cameras were not allowed. Heres more info on the exhibit

I cant sleep because i’m way to excited about the World of Color show thats releasing at Disney California Adventure on June 11th. The Cast Members Preview was last night and I heard it was AMAZING! Heres a sneak peak of the show. Be sure to watch it in HD



Just a preview of some of my photos from Disneyland over Memorial Day Weekend. First time using my new Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens and using Adobe Lightroom 2.0 to post-process my pictures.

Medicom Toy once again produces another Mickey Mouse┬áVinyl toy. The iconic mouse is featured with no shoes on, when did you ever see Mickey’s feet! He’s holding both of his shoes in his hands with quite a grin on his face. The toy is available for purchase from today through select Medicom Toy stocklists.

I have to say I RARELY get excited about movies nowadays, but this movie has captured me. I am a HUGE fan of the original TRON starring Jeff Bridges from 1982. I know I wasnt born yet when it came out, but I have the movie on special two disc DVD and I have watched […]

This short film is what you get when you have two great minds out their ideas down on a drawing pad. The short film was started in 1946 by the legendary artists and finally now in 2009 has been completed. Both Walt Disney and Salvador Dali have the most creative and imaginative minds to make […]