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I WANT TO BUY A TOM TOM JUST BECAUSE OF THIS VOICE PACK. *YODA WAVES HAND* I WILL BUY A TOM TOM BECAUSE OF THIS VOICE PACK. “Your going to kill people if you give directions like that”. Advertisements

This goes to show that you don’t need expensive camera equipment to get great images.’s Lee did a complete professional photo shoot with a model only using some lights, a tripod, velcro, and an Apple iPhone. Heres a video of the shoot, it’s very interesting, innovative, and pretty funny. The iPhone 3GS he is using only has […]

New Apple iPhone 4 used as a beer bottle opener.

So everyone has heard of the new iPhone 4 announced earlier this morning by Steve Jobs at the WWDC Conference. The Re-released iPhone 4, thanks to Gizmodo for buying the “lost” iPhone at the bar has finally been “officially” announced with some outstanding specs and features. The new iPhone’s features are a front facing camera, […]

In 1998, Stussy released its collaboration with G-SHOCK, a first for both brands. The latest version of the Stussy x G-SHOCK Classic includes a black resin band with a Stussy “Anniversary Blue” face in a glossy finish. The buckle, buttons, back cover, and metal elements are plated in a blue ion finish. The timepiece comes […]

LOOK! Its the iPhone OS BETA 4.0 software, which was just released to developers moments ago. Unless our eyes are badly mistaken, that’s an option to setup internet tethering on AT&T, something that have been waiting for forever. AT&T proclaimed that it was “still waiting on better network performance” before enabling iPhone tethering just three weeks […]