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I WANT TO BUY A TOM TOM JUST BECAUSE OF THIS VOICE PACK. *YODA WAVES HAND* I WILL BUY A TOM TOM BECAUSE OF THIS VOICE PACK. “Your going to kill people if you give directions like that”. Advertisements

The best Air Max’s just got better. Introducing the Grape color-way now available from select retailers, these grapes feature the perfect combination of purple and teal colors. Whats not to love about this fresh new color-way. Ill take two pairs please!

This goes to show that you don’t need expensive camera equipment to get great images.’s Lee did a complete professional photo shoot with a model only using some lights, a tripod, velcro, and an Apple iPhone. Heres a video of the shoot, it’s very interesting, innovative, and pretty funny. The iPhone 3GS he is using only has […]

New Apple iPhone 4 used as a beer bottle opener.