I stumbled upon this new building in Japantown, San Francisco while I was stopping by FATLACE. What caught my eye was the very modern looking building with the whole front made of glass. If you have never been to Japantown in SF its very rare to see such a modern building placed right smack in the center of the “traditional” looking town. Another eye catcher was the 1000% Bearbricks in the front window. You know my love for these figurines based on my older posts. Anyways, this oddly placed building had many oddities inside it. The first floor seems very normal, it has a small cafe serving coffee and a few tables to chill and relax at. When you walk up to the second story there is a little gift store selling very random things together, from action figures to cooking pans this place has it all.

The third floor is where the “twilight zone” feeling starts to kick in. When you walk up the staircase there are very odd but cool and creative drawings all around the staircase. There was a strange creature that resembled a dog with Wookie-like features. A boy that looked like me when I was younger sitting on the stair handrails. Def take the stairwell instead of the elevator for the full experience that made me feel like I was on shrooms.

The third floor has a “Harajuku” boutique called, “Alice and the Pirates” which sells costumes that look like dominatrix maids and pirates. Weird right? Well in that same room they have a “Green Plant Room” that sells little gardens in Glass Orbs. The room next to the both is a boot shop, they sell very Hardcore, Gothic looking boots with huge platforms and flame and spike-like designs on them. The top floor had to be my favorite. Its a gallery called the SUPERFROG Gallery that was featuring  “The Surf Shop”. Its an “experimental project by Japanese artists who love to surf” thats only there from May 15th-June 13th. It features artist’s, Taishi Hirokawa, Yoshihiko Kushimoto, Hiroshi Kubo, Jun Kubota, and many more. Check it out before its over…

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