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These circuit board shoes are a piece of art created by Gabriel Dishaw.This piece was a continuation of his previous piece JUNK DUNK he wanted to attempt this approach again, with a more refined and detailed outcome. He used very little wire and more glue to keep the piece cleaner, and less bulky. He also added new details, a […]

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A few pics leaked out on Nick’s twitter ( ). Adding to I assume the Fall Line hes dropping what looks like an ILL-Collab with famous pro skater Hosoi. Featuring a Diamond Tee with Classic Hosoi lettering and a Hosoi Deck. Also the soon to be released HALL OF FAME x Diamond Supply Co. Fittteds […]

  For the first time ever in a video game, GRAMMY Award winning DJ’s and producing duo, Daft Punk, will start the party right with Activision’s DJ Hero, on October 27th, 2009. Featuring 93 exclusive on-disc mixes from some of the biggest acts in hip-hop, pop, rock and dance, players will be able to test […]



First off, I apologize I haven’t been blogging recently. In my absence of blogging there has been a lot of things going on in the Media. From the problems of our Economy to who’s twittering about who. The biggest news that I have been very saddened by lately is how many celebrities have been passing away. […]